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Open abaya

The open abaya is in right now, and it’s the talk of the town! And we’re at the centre of it being based in Paris and Dubai. So why are they in? Because there are so many styles of open abayas to choose from, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you have the right one that’s fit for the right purpose.

Open Abaya by IsraaMode | From Paris To You | Affordable Extravagance

Maybe you need an open wrap abaya that has front closure formed by wrapping which would be perfect for occasions or even a stroll on a breezy night. Or how about an open button abaya that discretely brings the 2 seems together to give it a closed look. Some of us prefer the option of being able to close it, and having small tiny buttons wouldn’t harm anyone.

An open abaya is a must-have in your collection. They can be worn for pretty much any occasion from sister’s get-togethers to dinner parties or even a romantic evening with the husband. Or even just a quiet night in alone drinking a hot cup of coco with dim lights. Why not?! Even more reason to throw on a luxurious open abaya and experience elegance in the comfort of your own home.

An Open Abaya is made for elegance

It’s class, it’s style, it’s chic. The world of fashion is changing. But one thing stands the test of time and that is an open abaya inspired by Paris and Dubai. Because those 2 lovely places are the hubs of fashion in this era we are in. And we don’t think it will change anytime soon. In fact, we are so confident of that, that we have experienced so much growth because of embodying this pride in fashion.

Paris has always been the Mode of modern times. Since the 20th Century from the days of Chanel to the days of LV, we see it continues to keep it status.

And with the UAE being the pinnacle of luxury worldwide, it is only natural that fashion would become home to one of the most developed places on Earth.

Welcome to IsraaMode girls.

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