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Luxury Abaya

So… what makes a true Luxury Abaya? Probably a few things. Like the fabric, the design, the features, the team behind it’s creation. Something can look good, but it needs to be amazing on a deeper level. But there’s more to it. Trust.

The horror so many of you lovely girls have experienced: you order a luxury designer abaya only to find out it was manufactured like the plain throwover that everyone uses daily. Well not here… And not today…

Welcome to IsraaMode, where we took the contemporary and luxury abaya to a whole new level by using exclusively premium luxury fabrics made in Dubai by an Emirati designer. With models made for every occasion, we made sure that luxe was the core and fashion was the objective.

Choose a Luxury Abaya for You

Choosing an abaya for yourself or as a gift for someone else would make a wonderful occasion! There are many selections to suit everyone’s tastes, preferences, style and skin tone. Luxury abayas set a standard of elegance and refinement that everyone loves seeing on their loved ones. Anyone who has ever worn or seen an authentic one understands why people love them so much!

Luxury Abaya from Dubai

It is a state of mind. No wonder Dubai has literally become the luxury capital of the world. In fact, you would think that there is not a single person on this earth who thinks that Dubai is associated with anything other than a very high standard of living and existence. No wonder then that a Luxury Abaya from Dubai (truly from Dubai, authentically made from Dubai fabrics) has become the industry standard and the pinnacle of luxury in Abaya design.

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