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Black abaya

The black abaya (عباية)  is a traditional garment in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. The black abaya is a classic that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It is a garment that everyone knows by now and you may already have at least one in your wardrobe. 
When you search for “abaya” on Google, you will find many pictures of women in black abayas! Why is that? Because it’s been the main colour for centuries and it’s not about to change! Despite this, there are still abayas of different colours today. There are also black abayas with a more sophisticated design.

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The black abaya

Black goes well with almost any colour and is hardly offensive, even when used a lot.

This colour, which reflects elegance, simplicity and mystery, is very much used by women in Dubai. While one can wear a simple black abaya and have a good image, it will be more difficult with a colour like pink, orange or even blue sometimes. Black is one of the most used colours in the world, along with white! Black is sober, classy, and timeless! That’s why many brands use black in their logo. 

It may seem difficult to combine fashion and religious principles. This is why the black abaya is widely used. It serves Muslim women by helping them to preserve their femininity, elegance, simplicity and modesty.

What are the characteristics of a black abaya?

As you can see, the black abaya stands out from the others because of its all-purpose, yet elegant colour.

The advantage of black is that it suits everyone! And that’s not to be sneezed at! You can be a white woman, black, Arab, Asian, mixed race, black will suit you! It’s still beautiful!

The black abaya is :

1. Elegant. A black abaya is perfect for suggesting an elegant yet simplistic atmosphere. The colour is used extensively by chic houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and others for a reason. Black abayas are classy! 

2. Modest. Black inspires modesty. It is not for nothing that it is widely used in Muslim countries. The aim is also to maintain modesty, not to think of oneself as superior to others. Like the white Qamis which is worn by all men (on certain occasions) in these countries.

Our black abayas

Class, luxury, elegance, and modesty are the words that come to mind when you hear “abaya”. And as we saw earlier, these are also words that come up when we talk about “black” but also about Israa Mode abayas.

Our abayas are made in the Emirates with high quality fabrics. They are all unique in their own way and all have elements that distinguish them from other models on the market.

Some of our models are distinguished by hand-beading, which adds value to them, such as the “Aseel-Luxury“, while other beautiful abayas, such as the “Damascus“, will stand out for their simplicity of style!

Make yourself dream! Make you dream and shine with our black luxury abayas!

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