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Our  Safya  model was designed by a designer in the Emirates. A nice mix between the East and the West, its jacket and its beads laid by hand make us think of the types of model designed by the great French houses.

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Guide des Taille Abaya
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Taille AbayaVotre Taille Pantalon  Si Vous mesurez Entre
52Du 36 au 42Moins d’ 1m55
54Du 38 au 44Entre 1m56 et 1m62
56Du 38 au 44Entre 1m63 et 1m 67
58DU 38 AU 46Entre 1m68 et 1m72
60DU 38 AU 46Entre 1m73 et 1m80
62Du 40 au 48Plus de 1m80

The Safiya model is an original and precious set under dress & abaya with its handmade beading. Each pearl was placed one after the other, which explains its exceptional quality.

Safiya is dazzling in her simplicity & her subtlety. It is a discreet and elegant model that unites glamour, softness & grace.

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Maintenance tips :

  • Wash at 30°C
  • Avoid the dryer

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