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Satin Abaya Collection | True Elegance | IsraaMode - The New Standard

An amazing satin abaya comes down to 3 factors. It’s a balance between colour, the quality of the fabric and design. Trying to make it interesting, but without it being overbearing; and at the same time entertaining a minimalist look. Great fabric will undoubtedly play the best role in it looking and feeling great.

Rule number 1 in making sure you have a strong satin abaya that will last long – the type of satin weave used.

But why a satin abaya in the first place?

Woven satin fabrics are much stronger than traditional fabric. And with some amazing advances in fabric technology, satin fabrics are becoming better and better by the hour. Satin abayas are just something else.

Here are the characteristics of a satin abaya:

A stunningly beautiful drape

An abaya made from satin is very distinguished. It flows in a way that no other fabric does except 100% pure silk. The drape gives the abaya an extremely elegant appearance, adding to its perceived value.

Sheeny front

A soft and shiny front that glistens but isn’t overbearing. Perfect for an evening with the girls… or even just a sit-in with a hot cup of coco and dim lights.

Highly durable

Who wants an abaya that lasts a week? We’ve seen it. You order a lovely piece and it comes, it looks great, and after a few wears it looks like you had it for 3 years and completely loses its life. This is never the case with a good quality satin abaya.


We all have enough on our plates as it is and having to worry about meticulously ironing a delicate satin abaya is the last thing we want to have to add to that huge plate. Because it doesn’t wrinkle as easy as other fabrics, for the most part you can simply put it on or give it a very light and quick ironing.


You quite literally get the best of both worlds with clothing made from this fabric: it looks amazing and doesn’t tear easily at all. Silk will always be silk but satin really has put itself ahead. It doesn’t degrade over time and can look as new as it was when bought if taken care of properly.

What's special about IsraaMode's Satin Abayas?

Our abayas are made in Dubai and designed by an Emirati designer. The satin abayas we have follow the same luxe that you see in Dubai. They are cut from the same cloth (excuse the pun) and reflect the elegance and prestige of Dubai that we all know about. Here take a look at one of our bestsellers – Asrar – a luxury satin abaya to die for!

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