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Eid Abaya

Eid (عيد) celebrations! The most beautiful holidays there are and the time to get out your abaya eid! Whether it’s men or women, everyone puts on their best outfit for these occasions!

Before Eid, we always (at least in my circle of friends) have this little stress about the outfit we’re going to wear. But that’s a thing of the past – let’s take a look together at the best outfits to wear on these occasions to show off our chic, clean-cut side, inside and out.

The Eid Celebrations

First of all, a quick reminder about the feasts of Eid!

The Muslim community has 2 major festivals, namely Eid el Fitr, which takes place at the end of Ramadan, and Eid al Adhâ during the month of Dhou Al Hijja. During these celebrations, there are several recommendations, such as wearing beautiful clothes!

The Eid festivities are truly magnificent moments. The atmosphere is filled with a variety of feelings! During Eid al-Fitr, for example, we feel this joy but also sadness at the end of Ramadan.

Al-Bukhari (948) and Muslim (2068) report according to ‘AbdAllah Ibn ‘Umar who said:

“‘Umar bought رضي الله عنه a silk cloak from the market, took it to Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم and said, “O Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم! Take it and adorn yourself with it during the `Id and when the delegations visit you. (more)”

In this regard, Al-Hafidh Ibn Rajab رحمه الله said (6/72):

“The fact of beautifying oneself is valid for those who go to the place of prayer as well as for those who stay at home like women and children.”

During these beautiful days, we feel the beauty of our religion! Homes are open to guests and neighbours visit each other, bringing gifts and greetings. The festive spirit extends beyond family and friends, with acts of charity and giving playing an important role. Muslims are encouraged to give to those in need, and many engage in charitable activities, ensuring that those less fortunate can also take part in the celebrations. In Muslim countries, there are many activities for children!

As the day draws to a close, the meal with the family is often a memorable one! It’s a great way to make memories, talk about the day and the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

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The Eid abaya holds a special place our hearts and for good reason. It is a garment that beautifully blends modesty with elegance. Traditionally, abayas are loose-fitting, ankle-length robes that cover the entire body, ensuring that a woman’s modesty is maintained according to Islamic teachings. This emphasis on modesty is particularly important during religious festivals like Eid.

However, the appeal of the abaya extends beyond its function. Modern abayas come in a dazzling array of styles, colors, and designs, offering something for every taste and preference. While the classic black abaya remains a timeless choice, many women opt for abayas with intricate embroidery, sequins, beadwork, and other embellishments. These decorative elements not only add a little something extra, but also allow women to express their individuality while respecting the principles of modesty.

Comfort is another key factor that contributes to the abaya’s popularity. The loose, flowing design of the abaya ensures comfort and ease of movement, which is essential, especially during long prayers and festive gatherings. The abaya’s versatility allows it to be worn on various occasions, making it a practical and stylish choice beyond Eid celebrations.

The abaya also pairs seamlessly with the hijab! The coordination of the abaya and hijab can create a striking and harmonious look. Often we choose hijabs made from the same fabric or with complementary colors and patterns to complete the Eid attire.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Outdoors, it’s not complicated, we’re going to have 2 main choices! The jilbab or the abaya eid! The abaya deserves all our attention, because it can cover you like the jilbab and add a plus in terms of elegance that the jilbab won’t offer.

When it comes to girls, however, we’ll be opting for lighter models!

Of course, there’s the famous caftan! A classic that’s perfect for big events like these. The caftan arrived in the Maghreb in the 13th century and has been a favourite garment of Maghrebi women ever since. Typically, the caftan has become so popular in Morocco that every major city in the kingdom has its own style of caftan and its own embroidery. Today, this dress is a must-have in this part of the world and has made its mark in the West.

As well as the caftan, there are of course our superb abayas! One of the advantages of the abaya is that it can be worn both indoors and outdoors. With the abaya, there’s a whole range of styles to choose from! Simple abayas in a single colour with a ‘standard’ fabric, and more elaborate abayas with top-of-the-range fabrics and sophisticated cuts designed by Emirati designers.

As well as looking great for this special occasion, the abaya eid has a number of advantages, one of which will catch our eye: it’s open!

As I explained earlier, with the abaya, you’ll be as comfortable outdoors as indoors.

On some of our models, we’ve tried to give you the option of wearing your abaya closed or open, as you prefer, while still retaining your elegance (ps: this word stands out because it’s important to us). For Eid, you can count on abayas like the Kawtar-Luxury, the Intisar-Luxury and many others!

Several of our models have an opening, either by means of a belt or buttons.

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