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About Us

Salam alaikoum !

I’m Hajar, your elder sister and founder of IsraaMode.

I have lived for years in the carefree spirit of a “peaceful and happy” life. I was successful in everything we think we are: a great job, a successful career, a comfortable salary…

But when life tests us all this is meaningless. My heart turned to our beautiful religion and in this spiritual journey, wearing the veil became a matter of course.

Starting to wear the Abaya has given my life a new meaning. But besides that, things became more complicated for me from a professional point of view. My passion was fashion, but now people didn’t look at me the same way.

My career started to fall apart. Things became difficult and I almost sank into despair wondering if everything would ever go back to the way it was, without me having to make concessions about who I had become.

I had always been an ambitious, highly motivated woman and I didn’t want that to change. But I started to feel lonely, maybe like you, my sister, today.

And then everything changed...

I went to Dubai and immediately fell in love with the Emirati Abaya. Women were wearing what they wanted, walking tall with grace and elegance, valuing their culture, and they were proud of it.

Luxury, elegance and honour.

It was then that I realized my mission, my dream, and my desire: to make my sisters discover this honor of wearing the Abaya because we are above all honorable, noble, and proud women.

Your elder sister Hajar.

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