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Abaya Amra

You are Unbeatable and Sumptuous

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When Emirati Chic meets French Elegance

The Timeless Abaya A M R A

The absolute favorite Abaya of all our customers… The timeless one, the one that NEVER goes out of style.

The Abaya A M R A illuminates your beauty in all circumstances. It is discreet but so audacious.

The Abaya A M R A is the result of a cultural journey where Emirati Chic meets French Elegance.

A rich synergy for all women wishing to dress with modesty and class.

Cloth fabric
Camel Color Double Layers

→ Feeling of lightness, you don’t have the whole weight of the abaya on your shoulders

→ You feel yourself and liberated, you breathe freedom

→ Light and more insightful, more confident, you have more confidence in yourself

Integrated and Invisible Push Buttons

→ Saves time
→ Gives an aesthetic and luxurious image
→ Simplicity that offers relief
→ Open or closed the integrated buttons are invisible

Handmade in the United Arab Emirates

→ Meticulous and rigorous work of great precision that will make you exceptional
→ Design by a great designer in the Emirates that will make you unique and privileged

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