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French & Dubai Abayas


Why Us?

Because all of our Abayas are from Dubai, created by a French woman with a vision:

The Emirati honour, this sacred value in their eyes.
You are honourable women, noble women.
Every single one of you has a red carpet under her feet.
You deserve the pride of wearing the Emirati Abaya.

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Mariam Al Remeithi


Abaya de Dubai

Abayas Designed and Crafted in the United Arab Emirates

Traditional clothing that is part of everyday life in the Emirates, abayas compete with each other: silky fabrics, embroidery and luxury beads.

Unique. Trendy. Chic.
Our abayas are creations of renowned French and Emirati designers with everything coming from Dubai.


The Emirati Abaya?

The Emirates is the place of dreams for people all over the world. Not only for their lifestyle but also for their luxury taste. The women walk with pride, their heads held high, respected and admired. We too will do the same here. We will walk with pride, our heads held high. Respected and admired. 

As we all know, the Emirates is the new Eldorado.

The fascination with the Emirates is the measure of their finesse. This finesse that we miss so much in the West.

We found this finesse and brought it back, it’s called IsraaMode.

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Comfortable for the home, casual for tea with friends, or chic for a formal evening. IsraaMode will make you look good whatever the occasion.

We’ve shown you some of our amazing abayas but we also we wanted to let you know a nasty little secret that the industry is hiding from you. Imagine you buy an abaya from Dubai, only to find out it’s Dubai-style being sold as if it were actually made in Dubai and it isn’t really made there, neither do the fabrics come from there. You’d be pretty riled up right?

Well, maybe it depends on how much one cares about authenticity. As long as it looks good…? Let’s slap on a fake LV bag and order a pair of knockoff Ray-Bans from Turkey whilst we’re at it.

Yeh, I thought not.

What’s the big secret then?

So… What if we told you that 80% of the Emirati abayas out there were actually manufactured in Turkey? Or worse, China! Oh the horror!

Yep… ’tis true. I don’t know about you but if I’m wearing an outfit that makes a claim to having certain characteristics then I expect it to have what it’s advertised as. I hardly want to wait until it arrives to see the label and find out it was all a huge lie. The hype was real, and the end result should be too.

Pretence was never an option. An abaya made in Dubai really does carry a value that can never be replicated. Elegance, class, chic; traditional wear with a contemporary twist. You see, ever since our team first landed in Dubai, we noticed that the Emirati people possessed something that just couldn’t be found anywhere else. It’s like Tiffany’s or Harrods, unique, and more so in the feeling it leaves us with – a unique feeling of bliss.

Well, imagine that but constantly surrounded by it, with every native woman going past walking on a cloud of bliss, head held high, wearing an Emirati abaya made in Dubai, looking empowered, yet humble at the same time.

An Abaya from Dubai brings nobility and honour with it.

It’s an entire mindset. It’s not a wonder how Dubai has literally become the luxury capital of the world. In fact, one might think that there’s not a single person on the face of this earth who thinks of Dubai being associated with anything less than a very high standard of living and being. So it’s not a wonder how an Abaya from Dubai (like, really from Dubai authentically made using fabrics from there too) has become the industry-standard and pinnacle of luxuriousness in Abaya design.

Oh! A side note seeing as we’re talking about Dubai. Did you know that 98.5% of women reported feeling safe in this lovely land? It’s the highest percentage worldwide. Woohoo DUBAI!

Back to abayas – there’s something that really makes them special. Emirati brands and Emirati fashion always maintained that exclusivity of being high-end and so it’s not for everyone (just like not everybody wears LV because if they did then it wouldn’t be special). But they didn’t go to extremes in how much Dubai fashion costs either. They never once made them cost an arm and a leg.

Exclusive, yet kind of inclusive at the same time… if that makes sense? A balanced approach. Not cheap in quality for sure, but not over-the-top for costs. Extravagance at its finest.



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