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Nouvelle collection - Eid Summer 2024
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Nouvelle collection - Eid Summer 2024
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Abaya Dubai Emirati Luxury and Elegance


The Emirati honor, this sacred value in their eyes.
You are honourable women, noble women.
Every single one of you has a red carpet under her feet.
So you deserve the pride of wearing the Emirati Abaya – an Abaya Dubai Luxe.

Designed and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪


Unique, trendy and elegant

The Emirati Abaya

The Emirates is the place of dreams for people all over the world. Not only for their lifestyle but also for their luxury taste. The women walk with pride, their heads held high, respected and admired. We too will do the same here. We will walk with pride, our heads held high. Respected and admired.

As we all know, the Emirates are the new Eldorado.

The fascination with the Emirates is the measure of their finesse. This finesse that we miss so much in the West.

We found this finesse and brought it back, called IsraaMode.

Our Best-Selling Abayas

IsraaMode pieces for every occasion

Comfortable for the home, casual for tea with friends, or chic for a formal evening. IsraaMode  will make you look good whatever the occasion.

payment in 4X free of charge

We’re about to show you some of our abayas, but first we want to let you in on a dirty little secret the industry is keeping from you. Imagine buying an abaya from Dubai, only to discover that it’s sold as if it were made in Dubai, when in fact it isn’t, and the fabrics don’t come from there either. That would upset you, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps it depends on how much you value authenticity. As long as it looks good… ? Let’s put on a fake LV bag and order a pair of Ray-Bans from Turkey while we’re at it.

Yes, I don’t think so.

So what’s the big secret behind the Abaya Dubai industry?

What if we told you that 80% of Emirati abayas are actually made in Turkey? Or worse, China! Oh, the horror!

Yep… that’s right. I don’t know about you, but if I wear a garment that claims to have certain characteristics, I expect it to have the qualities advertised. I don’t want to wait until he arrives to see the label and discover that it was all a big lie. The hype was real, and so should be the end result.

Pretending has never been an option. An abaya made in Dubai truly has a value that cannot be reproduced. Elegance, class, chic; traditional clothing with a contemporary twist. You see, as soon as our team landed in Dubai, we noticed that the Emiratis had something you couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s like Tiffany’s or Harrods, unique, and even more so in the feeling it leaves us with – a unique sense of bliss.

Imagine that, but constantly surrounded, with every native woman passing you walking on a cloud of happiness, head held high, wearing an Emirati abaya made in Dubai, looking both powerful and humble.

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